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Graava: Is this self editing camera the future of smart devices?

Is content curation the future of digital experiences?

graava_appSocial media has transcended technology to become embedded in the very fabric of modern interpersonal relationships and has completely changed how we represent ourselves through our newly formed digital personas. The problem is that when we document every aspect of our lives we see that those lives can be pretty dull and posts about everyday events are boring. As a reaction that we that we need to make our posts as interesting as possible to stand out from the crowd and get as many likes as we can. We will even create constructs like Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday to give us access to more content we can post in case our real lives just aren’t generating enough good content. That type of behavior is the way we would describe the marketing plan for any big brand we now see that people have all turned into their own little brands who are extremely concerned with their brand differentiators, a tone of voice and image. To be able to create all those posts we all have smartphones that are packed with photos and videos that we have to then cull down into the best content for us to post. That is a lot of work and so it is easy to see why devices that are able to help us could be the start of a really interesting next chapter in smart devices.

Graava is a new camera that looks to solve that problem by using artificial intelligence to do the editing for you. It uses an array if different sensors and triggers to understand the world around it like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, a light sensor, accelerometer, gyro sensor, an audio recorder and can even sync with your Apple Watch to capture heart rate. It uses all of those inputs to understand what it thinks will be memorable in the footage it is recording. For example, if you are in a car and suddenly change speed, if your heart rate jumps up or if something moves quickly through the frame the camera will take note of those events. When you’re done recording for the day you can choose how long you’d like the highlight reel to be and the Graava will use those events to create its own highlight reel from your day. The camera does also keep an unedited clip just in case you want to relive everything but the idea is that the camera helps you

I would love to be able to get my hands on one of these cameras to see if the output of all of this is worth the $250 (soon to be $400) price tag and if the resulting videos are as good as it promises. The challenge for any physical device or digital experience that looks to curate content will be that they are only magical if the content they produce is good. Much like how dslr service and maintenance is a part of that camera’s use and practice, so too is understanding how to get this one to do smart edits for you. In the end, you can see how easily bad inputs can mess up a curation model with sites like Amazon where if I buy a Vegan cookbook for a friend’s birthday but I am not Vegan, their recommendations to me are then suddenly filled with books on being Vegan that I do not want. It will be interesting to see if Graava will be able to solve this problem by using more than a single input like Amazon so that they are able to create a more sophisticated algorithm that will be able to create content I really want.

We are reaching a point where society has started to expect more from digital technologies than it has in the past. It’s a natural evolution as what was new and innovative becomes common place and people look for the next evolution in those experiences. I firmly believe that the future of digital experience and smart devices lie in their ability to help people proactively curate content because people’s attention span is growing too short for them to continue to want to invest in dumb, time intensive experiences. The new value of digital experiences and devices will be found in the apps that give them the information they need when they need it or the camera that will help them edit down all the footage they just shot. It is a completely new value proposition that consumers can easily understand and hopefully marks the beginning of the next evolution in digital experiences and technology. Only time will tell.

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